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Well, it took some time, but we have finally done it.  Welcome to the all new SAAL Publishing website!

This All-New website has loads of new features and information to help you better understand Direct Mail, it’s importance in your advertising plan, and how SAAL Publshing can be your partner for easy advertising, co-op, and so much more!

Take some time and look around the new website and check back often as we will be updating the website regularly with new samples that will help you get customers through your doors.

A couple of key areas that you want to pay attention to are:

Samples Section

arrowThis section will display all of the samples from all of the Direct Mail that we currently handle.  You can filter samples by OEM, type, and season.  This will help you narrow down the results to samples that are relevant to you.  You can also use the drop-down navigation at the top of the screen or the Manufacturer Navigation located in the right-hand sidebar.


We will be using this blog to post information that you may find useful to your advertising efforts.  Check back often, or subscribe to our RSS feed to stay up-to-date on everything Direct Mail and SAAL!

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