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SAAL Publishing specializes in Direct Mail development and distribution for the Powersports industry.  With over 20 years of experience, we feel that we can provide your dealership the best and most complete Direct Mail service in the industry.

When mailing with SAAL, you will receive all of the following services for one low price:

We firmly believe that Direct Mail Advertising should be easy.  That is why we provide so many services with just one call.  For more information on how we reduce waste to give our dealers the best service possible, see below.

Confidentiality Notice

We always handle all mail, and email, lists we receive from dealers with the highest level of confidentiality. We never use your lists for any purpose other than when we are directed to do so by you, and we never share lists with anyone. We are also more than happy to provide a signed Letter of Confidentiality upon request.

Credit Returned Mail

Unprecedented, a direct mail company that credits the returned mail? SAAL Publishing does. If you receive returned mail from the Post Office simply return the mail to SAAL and we will credit the number of returns on your next direct mail project. That is how confident we are with our list preparation.

Master Return List

The names and addresses on returned mail are entered into a master return list of persons/addresses. Every direct mail project is duped against the Master Return List; so returned mail is not mailed again, and again and again.

NCOA (National Change Of Address)

USPS standards state that failure to move, update or NCOA your mail list within the last 95 days may result in higher postage. SAAL Publishing NCOAs a mail list every time it is mailed. If you choose, the NCOA move files are returned to you so your customer database may be updated.

DPV (Delivery Point Validation)

Delivery Point Validation is a process whereby SAAL Publishing makes sure that the address is deliverable according to the USPS. It is one thing to have a current address, it is even more important to be certain the address is deliverable. If the USPS says the address is questionable or undeliverable, we won’t mail.

Purge Duplicates

All mail lists are analyzed and duplicates purged by name and address. If the name or address is the same, then only one of the mail records is mailed.

Mail One Per Household

We only mail one direct mail piece per household unless otherwise directed. Most dealers agree that once a mailer arrives in the home all family members with an interest will see it. No need for your customers to reach into the mailbox and pull out a handful of the same mailer.

SCF Entry Postage Discount

By mailing from the local USPS directly to your area’s Sectional Center Facility, a postage discount is received and passed along to you. This method of mailing saves you money!