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Time-Saving Event Submission Forms

Having worked with powersports dealers for over 20 years, one thing that we have come to realize is that time is very precious and hard to come by these days.  Dealerships are doing more with less in this down economy and finding ways to get the most out of each and every employee’s time, including the management team.

Direct-Mail Submission FormsWe realize this and are constantly trying to find ways to help dealers continue to do more in the limited time they have available.  One exciting feature of our new website is the ability to submit information to your sales rep by entering a few details in a simple form on the direct-mail sample pages.

Direct-Mail Submission Forms

Our direct-mail submission forms allow you to submit information about your upcoming event when it is convenient for you.  Days go by pretty fast at the dealership and before you realize it, the time has come for you to wrap up the day and head home to your family.  One side effect of this behavior is the old, “I’ll get to it tomorrow” attitude, which all to often leads to missing windows of opportunity for advertising to your customer base.

So, when your day flies by and you remember that you needed to submit information for your direct-mail promotion, simply visit the sample page for the mail piece you are interested in and fill in the requested fields!  It’s that simple to submit, and your account representative will follow up in a timely manner and keep your advertising on track!

One size doesn’t fit all

Submit custom requests via the Comments SectionEvery dealership is different and so are your advertising needs.  The submission forms on our direct-mail sample pages are based on the sample being shown on that page, but by no means do you have to change your promotion to fit them.  As always, SAAL is dedicated to providing your dealership with a unique and successful advertising piece every time.  So if you have an idea that differs from the information requested on the submission form, simply fill in the details in the comments box at the bottom of the form and our specialists will contact you to clarify what you are wanting to accomplish.

Don’t miss out on advertising opportunities and stay on track with SAAL Publishing and our new Direct-Mail Submission forms!  If you have any questions about how to use this great new feature, call or email me and let me know!

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