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As you may have heard, Kawasaki is, and has been, making changes to their Co-op program. Next year, Kawasaki dealers can expect to earn Co-op at an increased percentage which is great news moving forward, and something to definitely look forward to. But you also need to be aware that some of the changes they introduced at the dealer meeting earlier this month have already taken effect.

From now on, all Co-op actions must be performed through the recently launched Kawasaki Co-op Resource Center website. This includes the submission of pre-approvals, and filing of reimbursement claims, for any dealership marketing from here on out.

Please see this quote taken from an email from Advertising Checking Bureau this week:

All prior approvals must be submitted online. Please visit the new Kawasaki Co-op Resource Center at starting Monday, 10.24.11 to view your available Co-op balance, submit prior approvals and file claims.

You will need to use your current ParaNet username and password to enter the new website. For more information, please join us for one of the webinars (detailed in the EDD titled “Kawasaki Co-op Resource Center Webinar (New ParaNet)”) or call Kawasaki Co-op Advertising Management at (800) 292-0444.

All dealers are required to setup their account at the new website before they will be able to run any Co-op Pre-approved advertising.

Up until now, SAAL has always been happy to file all Pre-approval submissions and Co-op Reimbursement claims on our dealers behalf. We are still willing to do so, but this new system has left us with two options:

Option #1;

SAAL still submits your advertising for pre-approval and files your reimbursement claim. But in order for us to do so, you will have to share your Kawasaki Co-op Resource Center login information with your Account Representative. We will handle this information with the utmost level of confidentiality, and guarantee that the information will not be shared with anyone, at anytime, for any reason.

Options #2;

SAAL still provides you with the most effective direct mail marketing, with almost all of the same additional services that you’ve come to enjoy and rely on. But, you will be responsible for submitting your advertising to the Co-op Resource Center for prior approval, as well as all necessary re-submissions of changes/corrections. And once the ad has been approved, you will also be responsible for filing the Co-op reimbursement claim at the Resource Center website. There is a location in the Prior Approval webpage that allows for an additional email address to be inserted, which is a spot that you can fill in your SAAL Account Rep’s email address. This way we will also receive a copy any Co-op feedback so we can quickly take care of any necessary corrections, or once the piece is approved we can quickly act upon that approval and send the job to print and mail.

As of right now there is no “Media” submission area on the Resource Center website, but it is something that they may be willing to initiate if enough dealers make that request to their Kawasaki DSM.

If you have any questions, or would like any additional information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will be happy to go through all that we know about the new policies, or you can always contact Kawasaki Co-op Advertising Management @ (800) 292-0444 for more information.

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