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This is a tough question to answer, and it depends on the customer. We work with dealers who mail every month, and others who mail once a year for a special event.

Direct mail is like any other media, though, in that you need consistency to get results. Mailing a group of new people who have never shopped at your store once is not going to get you spectacular results… you wouldn’t expect to run one radio ad and see results, would you?

To find out what would work best for you, please feel free to contact SAAL Publishing for more information – we are glad to help!

Most of the time we can fix even the worst list. We can manually update addresses, remove businesses and verify addresses through the USPS.  And although none of these processes are perfect, they will help you get moving in the right direction to get your list updated and cleaned.

Research shows that it is up to 10 times easier to sell something to an existing customer than to a new customer. Your customers are your greatest asset – they have built your business, aren’t they a natural source to continue growing?

Another way to look at it is this: Say dealer A wants to get new customers from Dealer B’s area. Dealer A will rent registrations and try to steal Dealer B’s customers. At the same time Dealer B is mailing his customers and renting registrations in Dealer A’s area.
Dealer A thinks customers will be open to switching stores from Dealer B and flock to his store, but is sure his customers won’t do the same. Dealer B knows that he needs to maintain his current base, and attract new customers.

Which do you think would be more successful?

New dealers have a bigger task ahead of them, but they can still take advantage of the benefits of Direct Mail. We can source lists of Cycle Registrations, Hunters, Fishers, Farmers, PWC ownership, for your dealership based on county, zip code, radius… about anything you can imagine!

10-14 days once we receive dealer information. Allow 3-10 days to arrive in the homes at the standard rate, 2-4 days for First Class delivery.

Yes. Anytime you mail with us we will be happy to provide you with a hi-res PDF of your mailer you can post on your website, or we can provide you with multiple size web banners that can be posted in various places on your website, or Facebook page.

Unfortunately, no. SAAL will invoice the dealer for the total amount, and the dealer is expected to remit the gross invoice amount. Manufacturer co-op will be paid directly to the dealer.

Co-op will cover your mailer invoice, including postage, up to your approved amount. The only thing that is not covered by co-op is the rental of a mail list, if you choose to rent one.

Co-op claims will be submitted by Saal for reimbursement by the manufacturer to the dealer for Honda and Kawasaki mailers. Saal would be happy to file claims for Harley-Davidson and Yamaha direct mail, but to do so dealers must provide login information. Saal also provides all paperwork necessary for dealers to file their own co-op claims.

Yes. Except in the case of a non-co-op’d, multi-line mailer, we secure the co-o pre-approval for your mailer. We will also assist in claim filing, which varies by manufacturer, but ranges from us sending you the paperwork to submit to us actually filing your claim.

Yes. Almost all mailers are sent priority standard mail, unless otherwise indicated by the dealer. First Class postage is also available and does qualify for co-op. 4×6 Postcards mail First Class by default.