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Digital marketing is great, but it can’t stand alone!  It has to have support, or better yet, it is a great way to support more traditional forms of media.  Radio and TV can use a little support too!

In the August 2011 issue of Deliver Magazine, the feature article, “Winning Combination” goes into great detail regarding how your management of various forms of communication needs to be treated like you’re managing a team.  Each channel (player) has to be able to work effectively with all of the other channels, and the supportive efforts between the channels strengthen their individual contributions.  Click Here to read the whole article.

Social Media has drawn a lot of marketing resources away from the direct channels.  But drawing away from one, to concentrate on another, does not do anything to help strengthen either channel.  Renee Hall, VP of Business Development, for Dukky, states that the technology inherent in the Social Media channels has allowed the efforts on these two channels to merge fantastically. “The offline piece has become the ticket to unleashing the full potential of today’s direct mail campaigns online by giving customers the opportunity to engage with a brand and share offers with friends.”

Over 60% of consumers use search engines to find deals on the web.  Allowing your customers to find a deal via a search of their own is leaving a lot to chance though.  Using a QR Code, or listing a specific URL, on a direct mail piece can help eliminate that chance, and send your customers exactly where they can find YOUR deals.  Claire Chesnoff, owner of Claire Properties feels this is exactly the case, “So many people these days are using their smartphones to scan QR codes to open the door to even more information.  It’s a tool that works.”

TV and direct mail each come with very different targeting capabilities, but those differences can be used to support each other. Robert Brecht, Ph.D., a Director for the DMN3 Institute sums it up very nicely when he says, “TV and direct mail are both strong motivators.  The broad reach of TV and the personalized targeting of direct mail complement each other very well.”  There is also a very good point made in this TV – Mail section about the advantages of direct mail over email followups.  When you respond solely by email you may miss the opportunity for your message to be seen by, “…others in the household who may have a voice in the decision.  Print pieces can be shared and read at any time.  You can miss that with an email.” says Vince Norton, managing partner of Norton-Norris Inc.

“Radio ads can grab you, but with the radio alone, you’re likely to forget the message.  Mail is hands-on.  It gets you to remember — and to act.”

Radio reaches 92% of consumers in the US every week.  Unfortunately, most of the time they are reached by that media they’re in their car and it can be hard to remember, or write down, the pertinent information.  Combine your radio message with a direct mail campaign and you increase your odds of success.  Larry Craig, senior account manager for TriAuto Enterprises, hits the nail on the head when he states, “Radio ads can grab you, but with the radio alone, you’re likely to forget the message.  Mail is hands-on.  It gets you to remember — and to act.”  Run your radio ads while your customers are on their way home, but make sure there is a mailer waiting there for them so they remember to follow through.

A Multichannel Marketing mix, or Integrated Marketing Communications, should be a central part of all marketing plans.  Making sure that direct mail is a part of those plans will have a profound positive effect on the end results.

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