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Mike BaczynskiSAAL Publishing would like to welcome our new dealer Marketing Coordinator, Mike Baczynski

Mike can be reached at 866.432.7225 x107 or and he will be calling many of you in the coming weeks to introduce himself.

A Few Words From Mike

Ever since I can remember I have been completely addicted to motorcycles. From helping my dad restore my 1977 Honda XR75R at age five, to becoming a licensed MSF Rider Course Instructor at age eighteen, I haven’t gone a single day with out bikes in my life. I still teach the MSF class and have years of experience working in a dealership. I have been to 16 states and done multiple track days on my 2005 Honda CBR1000RR, and my most recent endeavor has been racing hare scrambles on my 2006 Honda CR250R.

I understand the customer base that buys at the dealer level

I understand the customer base that buys at the dealer level. Through my experience working at a dealership I have come to know what will entice potential buyers to make the trip to your store. Potential and current customers are excited by everything power sports. The smell, the sound, and especially, the sight!

I am excited to be a member of the SAAL Publishing team! My passion for motorcycling has created a desire to help grow the power sports industry and fill showroom floors with buyers. I understand that our industry relies on the customer connection. In today’s busy society, it is easy for potential buyers to forget about having fun. Lets remind them how important fun is, and how easy it is to achieve on a power sports vehicle.

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